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Lead Generation

In an over saturated digital world, how do you generate more leads? Is developing a sustainable lead generation solution vital to your strategy and how do you get there? One of the most stressful questions about building your business online is trusting you have access to lead generation. However, lead generation is crucial in controlling the flow of sales. In this course, we will identify the methods needed for a successful lead generation function and we will provide you with tools to manage and drive performance.

This 3-day intensive course explores how digital marketing can help B2B companies fill the sales funnel with qualified leads, engage prospects in the buying journey, nurture leads, integrate with sales efforts and measure results. Drive the engagement and leads you require to run a stand out business and drive consistent progress.

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2-Day Comprehensive Course Covering
All the Foundation Stones of Lead Generation.
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Benefits 02

Sustainable Lead Generation

What is lead generation? Why is it important? How do you make it work? Get all the info and insights you need to develop a killer lead generation strategy today
By completing our course “Lead Generation”, you will be qualified in understanding:

  • How to develop more sales leads and control the flow of sales into your business
  • How to increase your turnover and avoid peaks and trough in sales
  • Why you need to understand your cost per sale and cost per lead model
  • Prepare for the future of Lead Generation

Modules 03

Mastering Lead Generation across industries

Developing a sustainable lead generation solution is a vital strategy for many businesses. It can be used to control the flow of sales into the business and to stay in line with targets and goals.