Introduction 01

Innovation Management

How can effective management include strategies for innovation? How do you build a culture of innovation? Can innovation become second nature?

Innovation is required to ensure you and your business stay relevant; being able to adopt a pivot approach is crucial to your company’s future. In this course, we help you build a culture of innovative thinking, calculated risk-taking and design thinking. No matter the challenge, you will be equipped with the skills required to stand out.

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2-Day Comprehensive Course Covering
All the Main Foundation Stones of Innovation Management.
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Benefits 02

Innovation, a priority

This course is theory-driven and multi-disciplinary, with a project-focus on the firm’s innovation process. The Innovation Management course focuses on the operational processes of innovation and emphasizes the ability to analyze and (re)design innovation processes for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. By completing our course on Innovation Management, you will be qualified in:

  • Recognize the distinctive dynamics of high-tech markets
  • Evaluate the potential for added competitiveness of innovations considered by a given firm
  • Evaluate recommendations to improve the long-term innovative ability of firms
  • Understand the dynamics of entrepreneurship.

Modules 03

Innovation Management and the roots of Business Ideation

This course introduces fundamental concepts in innovation management, from documented patterns on how industries face waves of technological change, to the distinctive dynamics of entrepreneurial ventures.