Introduction 01

Cracking engagement

What is engagement? How do we stand out in an overcrowded world? What can we do to build a following? Learn the secrets to maximizing online engagement and why building an engagement strategy is crucial. We will cover how to use different types of communications technologies and techniques to support public participation and community engagement.

You will learn how to build a following and maintain interest in your brand by using online tools and quality content. Get ready to ensure your audience keeps coming back for more!

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2-Day Comprehensive Course Covering
All the Foundation Stones of Digital Engagement.
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Benefits 02

The Digital Engagement Framework

Content and Assets are increasingly digital—with audio, video, and interactive elements—and consumed across multiple channels, including not only mobile, social, and the web, but also in store, on location, or in the field. With all those new forms of content, Audience Engagement can be taken to a new level. This course is all about understanding how to maximize your engagement with your audience. By completing our course, “Cracking Engagement”, you will be qualified in:

  • Understanding why #thestruggle is with when it comes to engagement
  • Identifying the 5 keys to online engagement
  • Planning for long-term audience success
  • Developing sustainable relationships with your audience and followers

Modules 03

Digital Engagement built to last

This course helps you identify the value creation opportunities of digital engagement for your organisation and develop the strategies, processes and technologies to structurally engage your audience to maximize your co-created value.