Introduction 01

Digital Transformation

What does digital transformation mean for your business? Where do you start? How do you invest? How do you compare with your peers or versus best practices?

WIth this course, you’ll develop an understanding of how to digitize your company and how to develop a digital strategy to stand out in an over-crowded online world. Find a way to integrate digital in your business day-to-day and learn how to lead with digital and disruptive technologies in mind, protecting your business and ensuring ROI.

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2-Day Comprehensive Course Covering All the Main
Foundations of a good digital strategy.
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Benefits 02

The A B C 's of a good Digital Strategy

What makes a Digital strategy outstanding for your business and its customers. How to optimize your strategy and carefully track it to be able to measure it and scale it. All those questions are concerns we A set Direceive from clients looking for a better visibility online.
By completing our course “Digital Transformation”, you will be qualified in:

  • Identifying what Digital Transformation means for your company
  • Deciding what needs fixing and optimization
  • Understanding the core channels including Paid, Organic, Social, Email.
  • Deciding which channels are most important to your company’s digital transformation

Modules 03

A set Digital Marketing Framework

This course will teach you how to address each digital pillar through a step-by-step sustainable strategy build for brand visibility. You will also go through core mechanics on how to position your brand online based on different set of objectives.